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Buddy Wakefield needs no introduction, though lo and behold, there are a few lucky souls encountering Buddy right now for the very first time. If that’s the case, you must know Buddy is one of those giant-like poets, with a power for words and storytelling unparalleled and refreshingly unapologetic. He is a three-time world champion spoken word artist, a world traveling poet, a fearless defender of smiling and meditative breathing, a prophet, a wordsmith, an activist, and a friend and inspiration to so many. Buddy has a pile of books and CD’s published and countless videos to feast on.  Check below for our favorites.

gentlemancoverHis most recent poetry book Gentleman Practice published by Write Bloody Publishing, is a hefty collection of beastly poems. It’s one of those volumes that will keep you occupied and inspired for years. One of my favorites is “Home,” a poem about being four-years-old and wanting to run away. Buddy has an uncanny ability to make me laugh and feel all warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. He writes:

You can call me an angry ghost when I’m gone, / or you can laugh into my disposition, / but my mom will still see me / as her wide-eyed wanderer / out behind the garage / inventing ways to fend off dog attacks / that will probably never happen. / I picked the scabs from my knees / because Mom said it would leave a scar… (Gentleman Practice 21).

Amazing, right? But this review is not about his newest collection of beastly poems or even about collections past. Today we discus hens – yes, the cute, cuddly, egg producing (and non-egg producing) creature and all of their magnificence. Today I review Buddy Wakefield’s Henhouse: The International Book for Chickens and Their Lovers.

henhouseIn 2012, Buddy and his friend Stephen Snook wrote Henhouse (published by Write Bloody Publishing), a book all about chickens. It’s packed to the brim with little stories about adventurous hens, incredibly sexy HD chicken photography (hence Henhouse), socio-political articles about how jacked up the chicken industry is, hilarious chicken comic strips, and reliable time-tested information about raising and loving chickens. This is not your average home and garden manual. Not only does Henhouse make me laugh my arse off every time I open it, but it also makes me want to build a Rambo-proof chicken coop in my backyard (Rambo is my ferocious wiener dog who happens to love chicken wings). Most importantly, Henhouse has forced me to question the way I live and the food I shove into my mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE eating chicken and the hard-boiled egg is quite stupendous, but there are consequences to living ignorantly and not knowing where or how my chicken wings were raised. Not only is it a matter of eating organic and free-range, but it is also an issue of quality of life for the beautiful and generous chickens we eat. Henhouse points out that just because it says “organic free-range” on the package, does not mean the chicken was treated with respect and dignity. It is important to go the extra mile and get to know your farmer.


Henhouse is an innovative chicken manifesto for the novice and the chicken raising champion alike. This book is not only a great resource, but also a Buddy Wakefield collector’s item and a beautiful fabulous coffee table centerpiece. People will flip though the book and immediately want to know more about your new found interest in all things chicken! Oh, and did I forget to mention there are a handful of guest appearances from the likes of Anis Mojgani, Andrea Gibson, Derrick Brown, and others. Buy this book because Colonel Sanders must go.

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For more information on all things Buddy Wakefield:

***Films Your Chicken Hopes You Watch and Learn From (from Henhouse)***

1. Chicken Run (2000)
2. The Future of Food (2004)
3. Forks Over Knives (2011
4. Food Inc. (2008)
5. The Natural History of the Chicken (2001)


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