10 Love Poems For Your Valentine

We know writing a love poem can be quite the challenge. You face the dangers of being too cliche, too sexy, & too boring. So we put together ten of our favorite love poems from the wordsmith experts for your inspiration & enjoyment. Forget Valentine Cards, share a poem!

1) Andrea Gibson- Maybe I Need You

“Love isn’t always magic sometimes it’s just melting…”

2) Derrick Brown- A Finger, Two Dots, then Me

“I will love you until I become a child again. When feeding me & bathing me is no longer romantic but necessary.”

3) Stevie Edwards- Offering


This is what I have to give you. Leftovers
that aren’t vegan, not even food really—
burnt leather scraps for a heart, but my God,
I’ve been saving them for you.
I’ll leave what I have at your feet
like a proud cat littering mice across the stoop.
So this is love. So this is entropy. I’ll break
every bone in my feet running toward
the shiny gate of it.
The whole damn sky holds its breath.
Let me be holy and warm.
Let me be the exhale. The best wine.
The wish on every eyelash.

previously published in Gesture

4) Joshua Bennet- Balaenoptera

“…every time you smile it makes the wrinkles at the corner of your eyes look like six willow branches all lifting their heads for prayer…”

5) Jared Singer- Love

“Love can only be described the way it is lived, in parts, hoping that the whole makes sense…Love is a cold & broken Hallelujah.”

6) Rachel McKibbens- Last Love

“…go with the one who loves you biblically. The one whose love lifts its head to you despite its broken neck.”

7) Anis Mojgani- Love Poem for My Wife

“This is how she makes me feel, like I will life forever, like there is nothing that can possibly harm me, like this body will somehow stay young. So perfect like there are cities growing inside my chest. The cities all look like New York City in the 50’s.”

8) Jeanann Verlee- 40 Love Letters

“Dear Dennis I still think about you… I keep your photos in a box each one still in its frame.”

9) Kent Foreman- Ephiphany a haiku

“Oh, she wants me to love her the way she would love her…”

10) Jerrica Escoto- The Love Storm

The Love Storm

The day a relationship becomes more Control than it is Patience is
a story with multiple beginnings, middles, and ends. A story of
closing your eyes amidst a storm- ignoring the chaos and only
listening to the chime of the wind. Or a story of flowing rules-
keeping it safe. Staying behind closed doors and thick walls until
the storm clears and you walk outside to see the aftermath. Seeing
the damage. Or maybe event he beauty.

Or maybe this is a story of looking directly into the storm’s eye
and daring it to blink.

From her first book How to Love Gods & Acrobats




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