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Train of Thought Podcast is a living room style podcast where we interview artists, musicians, poets, entrepreneurs and other passionate people about how they navigate the five components of a balanced life: Relationships, Career, Health, Finance, & Community.

Our aim is focused on but is not limited to the minority community; what inspires us, what are our obstacles, and who can we emulate to achieve our dreams. Humorous, thought provoking, informative and often down right ridiculous, Train Of Thought will soon be, if not already, your favorite podcast!


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Originally from Chicago, Paul Mabon grew up having a front row seat to some of the best theater the city had to offer. Being the the son of an accomplished actor, Paul Mabon Sr., the seed was planted for a career in acting. While performing in numerous plays in Chicago and Memphis, Paul worked in corporate america as a television promotions producer for WCIU Channel 26 in Chicago and WLMT 24 / WPTY 30 in Memphis.

Inevitably, Paul moved to Los Angeles to pursue a television and film career. Once in Los Angeles, Paul continued to hone his acting skills by earning roles in plays in much larger theaters, sketch comedy troupes, television shows, and national and international television commercials for corporations such as VISA and McDonald’s. One of his most meaningful accomplishments was becoming a member of the prestigious Actors Studio.

However, before the actor came of age, like every other teenager Paul was given the classic “write a poem” assignment by his Whitney Young Magnet High School English teacher Dr. James Bryon Hooks. After the english poetry curriculum was completed, Dr. Hooks encouraged Paul to keep writing. One poem lead to another until he attended Northern Illinois University where he performed his poetry while earning a Bachelors degree in Public Speaking /Communications.

During graduate school for creative writing at the University of Memphis, the professors told Paul that, although seated at a desk in class, it sounded like he was “performing.” At about the same time, the poetry scene was of the opinion that Paul was performing “skits.”

By embracing the uniqueness of his gift Paul developed theatrical and interactive skills that allow audiences to feel as though they are a part of his poems as they happen. Though his poetry style is primarily comedic, Paul’s theatrical background allows for dramatic range as well. Poetically, he is most proud of being chosen to perform in Season V of the HBO television show Russell Simmons presents Def Poetry.

Over the years Paul has garnered numerous awards, competing nationally in poetry slams and on poetry slam teams. He has hosted three successful poetry readings in Chicago, Memphis and Los Angeles and has opened for Grammy Award winning artists Common
and Talib Kweli.

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