Train of Thought Podcast Features Deacon Blair

Welcome to Train of Thought podcast hosted by Gill Sotu! train-of-thought-1

Train of Thought Podcast is a living room style podcast where we interview artists, musicians, poets, entrepreneurs and other passionate people about how they navigate the five components of a balanced life: Relationships, Career, Health, Finance, & Community.

Our aim is focused on but is not limited to the minority community; what inspires us, what are our obstacles, and who can we emulate to achieve our dreams. Humorous, thought provoking, informative and often down right ridiculous, Train Of Thought will soon be, if not already, your favorite podcast!


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Deacon Blair is a spoken word poet, practicing human, father of 5, and
a recovering MC, who has been writing since 4TH grade detention.
He has been a member of 3 San Diego Poetry Slam Teams, 2008, 2009, & 2011.
He has become the San Diego Poetry Slam Champion twice, in 2008 & 2011.
Deacon is known for his clever point of view, shown through both philosophy and
writing, .

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